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We are your ideal partner for providing clarity and structure in the areas of (financial) management, eCommerce, and Web3 solutions. Together, we work to achieve your financial and operational objectives in every aspect.
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As your partner, we stay informed about the latest updates, opportunities, and potential growth areas for your industry. We guide you in areas such as Web3, where technologies like blockchain, Big Data, machine learning/artificial intelligence, and innovative ideas converge to create a decentralized system. This ensures that all your data is stored and made accessible in a peer-to-peer manner.
New opportunities for real estate (development and investments)
A compelling use of blockchain technology is the tokenization of real estate.

Interested in investing in real estate? We have great news for you! There are many exciting developments, and we’d be happy to guide you through them. A compelling use of blockchain, for example, is the tokenization of real estate: dividing properties into tokens that are stored in a decentralized database (blockchain). This allows smaller investors to buy a share of the property and enables developers to finance and initiate projects with smaller investment amounts.

Tokenization represents an evolution of traditional real estate ownership. In this process, a physical property is converted into digital tokens, with each token holder owning a portion of the property rights. This offers an affordable and accessible way of investing, suitable not only for investors with low to medium budgets but also for larger investors. Sounds interesting, right?

Moreover, tokenization reduces the costs and risks associated with traditional real estate investing, such as renovation, management, rental, and more. In many cases, real estate investors sacrifice 30% of the property’s income to cover these expenses.

When investing in shared real estate in tokenized form, investors are usually rewarded with stable coins as a portion of rental income, based on their initial investment. Stable coins are crypto assets that are linked to the value of a fiat currency, thereby ensuring that their value remains constant and is almost never affected by market fluctuations. Curious about the possibilities for your situation? Schedule a non-committal consultation with us today!



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Looking to experiment with new technologies? You can’t ignore it these days: ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI. It operates as a conversational model and can provide answers to questions. This useful tool can, for instance, be utilized to make your customer service, content generation, or translations even more efficient.

Curious about the possibilities for your business? We’d love to tell you all about the latest developments and insider tips.

Feel free to ask one or multiple questions and have a conversation with ChatGPT. You’ll be amazed by the answers and possibilities.

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